Our Experience

Kent Young is one of the most experienced slot marketers and visionaries in the gaming industry and is the pioneer who brought the low denomination slot boom to the U.S.  Spin Games has a strong intellectual property portfolio including game and technology patents for captivating concepts and brands including:

  • XtraSpin™, Money Time™ , Big Bonza™ and Little Bonza™ (Wheel Mystery Bonus Progressives)
  • MIG™ (Multiplayer Interactive Gaming)
  • Rapid Games™   (On Property Class II Mobile Gaming)
  • Gravity™ (Interactive Gaming Tables)
  • Verity™ (Virtual Reality Games Platform)
  • ROC™ ( Spin’s remote gaming server)

Having worked in the content business for over 25 years and having been part of the most successful gaming products ever developed; Spin brings extensive industry experience and an impressive intellectual property portfolio to the marketplace. Additionally, we have an extensively experienced team of graphic artists, mathematicians, programmers and engineers.

We possess technology, concept, and content expertise and have a keen understanding of the complete gaming experience: Product strategy, art, math, interface and branding.  Our R and D centers continue to invest in talent and expertise.