Customer Support

Spin’s products are supported by a responsive, professional sales and service team based in Reno, Nevada and in Chennai, India. Our support team is there to ensure that our customers and technology partners receive the help they need to use our products effectively and successfully. 

Product Support and Help Desk

Our product support team engages with the customer early on in new platform or game installations. Our team members work with the customers in configuring the games as desired by the customer and per jurisdiction rules.  We also test all our games in the staging environment to ensure smooth roll-outs. 

Once the product goes live, our support team continuously monitors the game for 48 hours and then as needed. Customers can raise any platform, game or any player-related issues by raising tickets directly on our support desk portal (JIRA) or by sending emails directly to our support desk. The issues are resolved on priority and usually within 24 hours. 

Our customer management team holds periodic customer meetings to discuss current and future projects, answer any product related questions and address any issues that may need immediate attention.

Sales Support

Spin’s team of sales experts do more than just respond to sales inquiries and transactions: they also support the business development functions and goals of our existing and future customers. During each step of the sales process, our sales team focuses on developing “win/win” partnerships that align the use of our technology, distribution capabilities and our portfolio of premium content with the performance objectives of each customer. Our sales experts know that our company’s success is made possible by the ongoing success of each customer and partner, and part of their ongoing role includes working closely with our rollout team and each partner to ensure our products are placed in optimum positions that promote ideal game performance. And, as part of each customer partnership, sharing of development roadmaps and communicating new functionality is key and we regularly communicate with each partner to provide optimal transparency.

Deployment Infrastructure

Spin’s Roll-out team enables the smooth deployment of our products into the markets we serve. Our extensive relationships and proven track record allow us to have systems and processes in place that optimize game and remote gaming server deployment and make new installations easy and stress-free for our customers and partners. Our competency in the regulated gaming market includes extensive experience in successfully submitting games for regulatory approval, after which we then work closely with each operator and partner to ensure that each new game is deployed in an efficient manner and optimizes the Spin content return for each operator.

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