The ROC™


What is the ROC? The ROC™ is a remote gaming server (RGS) and a for-wager game content delivery system designed to streamline the delivery of for-wager gaming content for the interactive market. A state-of-the-art content delivery system built for today’s interactive gaming markets, the ROC development console supports the ability to use HTML5 game engines. With the emerging market of mobile games becoming more relevant every day, we created one of the most feature rich HTML5 game engines on the market. We’re pushing the envelope of browser technology and device capability; the ROC’s games look and play like our land-based counterparts, only in the palm of your hand.

ROC Benefits

  • GLI approved RNG
  • Independent content game approval from backend system
  • Plug and play dynamic with independent functionality
  • Customized content and tournaments
  • Customized peer to peer product systems
  • State-of-the-art HTML 5 technology utilizing mobile and desktop delivery
  • Interface and delivers to backend systems
  • Developed for rapid deployment – seamless integration API’s allow for fast and effective backend system integration

ROC Functionality

  • Logging, reporting, security
  • Games store function allows operators to download approved games
  • Evaluation tool, evaluates game play and performance
  • Redundancy and maintenance
  • Supports multiple game engines
  • Backend communication protocol integration tools
  • Modular development architecture